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Untitled Widmer Brothers Biography

In late 2016, the Widmer Brothers Brewery (Craft Brew Alliance) contracted me to write a biography of founders Kurt and Rob Widmer. I will complete that by the end of 2017, with a release date to be announced.



The Beer Tasting Toolkit, Chronicle Books
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Flavor is easy, right? Put something into your mouth, chew or swish, and taste. But what goes into this thing we call flavor? Neuroscientists have identified a whole raft of elements that create flavor, from taste and aroma to the way food feels (we have pressure sensors in our mouth), to things happening in our brains like mood and memories.  Blind tasting is one of the most powerful tools we have to understand beer. Remove those cues given to you by a bottle of beer—the name of the brewery, the style, the cost of the bottle, the design on the label—you are left with only what your senses can tell you.
Everything you need to conduct a tasting is included in The Beer Tasting Toolkit: handy numbered sacks that accommodate everything from a stubby to a 750 ml bottle, tasting notepads, a shorthand guide with key aroma and flavor terms, and a 48-page booklet that describes elements of flavor, beer styles, and how to conduct a tasting. There are tips about which beers to include in your tasting as well as suggestions about pairing your beer with food.