About Jeff

Jeff interviewing Head Brewer Steve Barrett at
Samuel Smith's in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

If you'd like to know more about my current writing activities, the front page will give you what you need. To fill that out a bit, let me add a bit about my life.

I was born in Boise, Idaho, and spent the better part of the last three years of high school in Salt Lake City. The moment I could begin making decisions about my own life, I left the Mountain West for Portland, where I went to college. I spent three years away going to graduate school in Madison, Wisconsin, and completed a one-year fellowship in Varanasi, India, before returning to Portland where I have remained since.

My first writing job came at the end of 1996, when I was hired to write "The Mash" column for Portland's local alt-weekly newspaper, Willamette Week. I spent the better part of the 2000s distracted by politics before returning to beer more seriously at the end of the the decade. In January 2010, amid the great recession, I took the opportunity to leave my long-time job as a researcher at Portland State University and try to launch my writing career. I feel like I'm still trying. If you'd like a bit more on my life, here's a look back at the first fifty years of life.

I regularly give educational speeches, guided tastings, and corporate presentations. Contact me at jeff @ beervanablog.com to schedule a booking.