About Jeff

Jeff interviewing Head Brewer Steve Barrett at
Samuel Smith's in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire
Jeff Alworth began writing professionally twenty years ago and has published articles about beer, politics, and religion.  In 2013 he completed the manuscript for The Beer Bible, an extensive guide to the world of beer that was published in August 2015.  A month later, Chronicle Books released Cider Made Simple, an introduction to the world of cider that takes readers on a tour through  England's West Country, Normandy, France, Spain's Basque Country, Quebec and New England, and the American West Coast.

His current project, The Secrets of Master Brewers, is an outgrowth of discoveries made while researching The Beer Bible.  The book is a guide to homebrewers in which famous professional brewers describe their methods and offer instructions on techniques unique to Belgian, Czech, German, and British brewing traditions. It was released in the Spring of 2017.

He lives and writes in Portland, Oregon.

Jeff regularly gives education speeches, guided tastings, and corporate presentations. Contact him at jeff @ beervanablog.com to schedule a booking.