Telling Your Story

Breweries that succeed over time have a deep sense of their identity. They know who they are and that knowledge is communicated whether the form is a webpage, a tweet, or even bottle of beer. The story is understood equally as well by the owner and keg-washer, and the company speaks with the same voice. Most importantly, the most successful breweries are those that cut through the din of chaos with a consistent, engaging story.

Beer is not a widget; it’s something personal. People relate to a brewery with emotion and passion—it’s why they’re so distraught when a brewery sells to AB InBev. Customers connect with the story behind the people who make it, and if you don’t provide them with one, they will tell a story about you.

A strong story will crystallize your company’s identity among all stakeholders you rely on: management and employees, investors, customers, distributors, and retailers. A brewery story will take what was implicit and partially submerged about your identity and make it explicit and clear. Companies can fall into the habit of relying on abstractions when they talk about themselves; a story re-orients the narrative around the people and physical space. Your story becomes something you all have done, not something that happened to you. With a clear, explicit sense of your own company, your are poised to  use that story to drive decision-making about product development, internal culture, communications with key partners, and of course, branding and marketing.

Current and past clients:
  • Pints Brewing (completed May 2016)
  • Fort George (completed September 2016)
  • Block 15 (completed February 2017)
  • Ninkasi (completed March 2017)
  • Widmer Brothers (active)
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